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Our Story


A piece of jewelry does not just sparkle and catch attention, but rather brings up emotions and memories. We believe that each vintage jewel has a story from the past, which lives in the present and will still be told for years to come.

Our Story

Ancient Treasures


Whether a gold bracelet showcasing a vibrant peacock, a ruby and diamond studded necklace, Victorian Era gold foil diamond earrings or an Art Deco sapphire ring, at Jewels Vintage we cherish and curate each piece as purveyor of history which was filled with passion, romance and timeless sagas of love and mystery.

Ancient Treasure

Our Philosophy

At the core of Jewels Vintage is a simple philosophy - We want to help our customers find that perfect jewel which speaks to her, with a promise of personal attention and customer care which is out of this world. Jewels Vintage shopping experience is personal, memorable and easy. This is our promise.

Our Reach



In an age of increasing mechanization, we still admire trusted ancient techniques of master craftsmanship and an attention to detail which lead to creation of these exquisite jewelry pieces. Our thoughtfully curated collection of vintage jewelry, fine estate jewels and vintage inspired jewelry exude undeniable beauty, charm and elegance which only old cut diamonds and vintage jewelry possess. Shop online with confidence or contact us today for a private appointment.